​Wrecker Service

full wrecker service

Towing is great when a vehicle just doesn’t want to start but sometimes you need a full wrecker service and Tallahassee Towing Partners is the one you want to call. If a vehicle can’t be safely towed, either because it’s damaged or because it needs to be properly assessed for insurance or mechanical purposes before any risks are taken with moving it then what’s needed is a full wrecker than lift that vehicle away from the scene. Typically that means a roll back or flat bed service and that in turn means a professional flat bed service company like Tallahassee Towing Partners.
Insurance Claims
One of the commonest reasons for a full wrecker to be called to the scene of an incident is that there is damage and it’s not yet fully clear who is going to pay for what. Tallahassee Towing Partners has long experience of exactly what the insurance companies expect and just how to make the whole process as painless as possible – after all if you’ve had an accident the last thing you need is any more pain.  So our operatives will take your vehicle away, without any risk of further damage to it, put it into secure storage according to the terms of the insurance companies while awaiting their inspection to decide, for example, if it is totaled or reparable.  If you’re worried about getting the full value for your money then you’d be wise to call the professionals at Towing Company Tallahassee to ensure there is no argument with the claims company about the procedure.
Mechanical Damage
Another good reason for a wrecker is when it’s not clear if a normal tow recovery will cause more damage to the vehicle because its chassis, axles, or transmission can’t be inspected on site and there is a doubt about whether they have been weakened. If in doubt then call the professional tow truck service at Tallahassee Towing Partners to make one hundred per cent sure that an accident doesn’t get made worse by the recovery.
Junk Car Removal
Sometimes you need a full wrecking service because somebody has abandoned an auto on your property, locked it, and left. But sometimes it’s your own junker that’s sitting there making you feel and look bad and you’re not sure what to do with it.  Well that’s easily sorted for you. Call Tallahassee Towing Partners and we will move that junker, whatever it is.  Ask us if we’ll offer you a fee for it too – you never know.
No Keys
Locked out?  Even with all of today’s fancy technology we all sometimes end up outside of the car with our keys swinging quietly in the ignition.  Actually at Tallahassee Towing Partners we can tell you that sometimes the technology is precisely the problem as systems can fail and leave owners locked out, autos stranded, and the dealership often requiring the vehicle be delivered to the fore court before they will issue another set of keys. Not a problem. Call Tallahassee Towing Partners today. 

Junk Car Removal