Services We Provide

best fleet in the county

Tallahassee Towing Partners has it covered when it comes to towing. We not only have the best fleet in the county but we have the best professionals manning it so that whatever your need, from roadside assistance to heavy duty vehicle recovery we know we can do it because we’ve done it before.  Tallahassee Towing Partners brings together the very best tow professionals and specialized recovery vehicles to offer a total service that can get you out of trouble, and your vehicle back on the road or safely back to base, whatever is appropriate.  We work with local authorities, law enforcement, and the insurance companies and have done so for years so you know that when you call on our services you’re sure to be in full compliance with the law and your insurance company will know it too.  Call Tallahassee Towing Partners today and see what we can do for you, for your auto, your family, or your fleet of business vehicles.
Winch Outs
There are any number of reasons why your vehicle might go for a bit of unintended off roading but the only thing that matters to you is getting its wheels safely back on the blacktop and ready to roll.  Tallahassee Towing Partners can winch you out no matter how big your vehicle and without doing any damage even if there are gradients and obstacles involved.  We’ve done this before, with pretty much everything that drives so you don’t have to worry about damage to your vehicle after the event – we’ll get it out safely for you.
Wrecker Recovery
As well as standard towing where we lift up one set of wheels and roll we also offer a full wrecker service for vehicles that aren’t fit to tow or need to be treated with a little more tender loving care until they can be checked out by mechanics or the insurance company.  Whether it’s a motor club classic or a burnt out rusty junker we can take it away for it with the degree of care it deserves.
Medium and Heavy Duty
Tallahassee Towing Partners can tow heavy duty vehicles including semi trailers and dumpsters, we can tow medium vehicles and autos which means that whether you’re driving a recreational vehicle, an oversize SUV, or a limo we have the machines, the men, and the expertise you need to recover that vehicle safely. 
Roadside Assistance
At Tallahassee Towing Partners we don’t just do towing – though there’s no kind of tow we can’t do.  We’re also a roadside assistance company there to make sure that you and your vehicle, or your fleet of business vehicles never end up stranded.  We can take care of you by helping with tire changes, out of gas emergencies, mechanical and electrical problems but more than that we help by giving you the peace of mind to know that your family or your fleet of vehicles will never end up stuck and not knowing what to do next. 

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