​Heavy Duty Towing

heavy duty vehicle

Heavy Duty vehicles mean there’s more at stake when it comes to vehicle recovery.  As professionals we know that heavy duty recovery requires greater experience and expertise to get it right (and understand the forces at work here). It requires more powerful vehicles – and an understanding of what vehicle will work for which job.  It requires particular care that varies depending on what kind of vehicle we are dealing with (a dumpster and a semi trailer do not steer the same way when towed).  Most of all from a professional point of view it requires an understanding that this isn’t just a vehicle: it literally means business and getting it back on the road is a priority not just to the driver, but also the business owner, the supply chain it may be working for, and the customers.  Time is money with heavy duty and that’s why you want to be sure you’re dealing with the pros from Tallahassee Towing Partners.

Jack Knifed Semi Trailers

When an 18-wheeler gets out of whack it takes experience as well as horsepower to set it to rights and get it back on its way.  If we’re talking about a semi then we’re probably also talking about goods that are expected right now in a loading bay someplace so the faster and more competently the job can be done the quicker everyone gets back to business. Call Tallahassee Towing Partners to be sure your big rigs don’t get held up for a second longer than they need be.


There’s heavy duty and then there are the real heavyweights. Dumpsters, loaded trucks, concrete mixers.  At Tallahassee Towing Partners we can tow them all and get them back to work as soon as possible.  Which is what you want to hear, right?

Buses and Ambulances

Tallahassee Towing Partners is a full wrecker service so we pride ourselves on getting any kind of vehicle back home but some vehicles require special care and as experienced professionals we know that.  The bodywork of some larger vehicles, including buses and ambulances means they have to be treated with special care and Tallahassee Towing Partners will ensure they get back to their vital work in shortest possible time.

Motor homes and RVs

When we talk heavy duty people immediately think of big truck tractors and trailers or huge working vehicles like dumpsters and buses.  But the fact that we can handle the heavyweights means Tallahassee Towing Partners is also the number to call for any of those medium weight vehicles that might not be seriously heavy duty but are going to stretch the resources of a tow company that’s only geared for normal autos.  If you’re driving a motor home, or a large pick up you may be beyond the safe limit for auto towing companies but when you’re talking to a tow company that can manage heavy duty you can rest assured that we can take care of your and your machine.    Call Tallahassee Towing Partners now and talk about a contract to cover your heavy duty work horses.

RV/Recreational Towing