​Flat Bed Service

flatbed towing

Any tow service can rock up, lift a set of wheels and go, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  The commonest way of towing vehicles these days is to use a tow dolly which is that two wheel trailer you see used to lift either the front or the back wheels off the road so a vehicle can be towed away.  It’s a great system and far preferable to the old days of just hooking to a (hopefully) strong point under the fender.  The problem is that it still involves two points of strain. The first is that by lifting the vehicle off one axle and tipping all the weight onto the other then you risk damaging, or further damaging the chassis if it’s at all vulnerable. The other is that by putting all the weight on one set of wheels you run the risk of damaging that axle or those wheels if they’re vulnerable or have already received damage from an incident. Cut a long story short and traditional towing does involve a risk of further damage to your precious auto.  Which also means a risk of liability if you’re towing someone else’s precious auto.  Which is why you want to call Tallahassee Towing Partners and tell us about the tow in question because our fleet includes flat bed trucks that cut damage risk to an absolute minimum by winching the vehicle a few feet onto a flat bed that is hydraulically lifted onto the carrying truck.  From there on the towed vehicle’s wheels don’t so much as touch the ground and the car is carried smoothly to its next destination.
Limousines and Long Vehicles
It’s simply not a good idea to tow a stretch limousine by lifting one set of wheels because the chassis is so long that tipping it up and putting all the weight on one end is going to stress the vehicle and could cause serious damage.  Which is going to be expensive.  Instead let Tallahassee Towing Partners take care of the limo with all the luxury care it would expect.
Classic Cars
Got a classic car or just a favorite auto that you want to have checked out at the shop but don’t want to drive there before the experts can makes sure it’s in full running order.  No problem. Tallahassee Towing Partner’s luxury flatbed service will deliver your beloved auto like it’s on a magic carpet.
Immobilized Vehicles
Maybe the vehicle in question is short of a wheel or two, maybe a security system has locked down the steering but for whatever reason if you have a vehicle that’s not going anywhere on its own rubber then a flat bed service is the answer.  Call Tallahassee Towing Partners now.
Fork Lifts, Bobcats and Friends
Some vehicles aren’t best suited to roads at all.  So if you need fork lifts or other working vehicles delivered to their next job but not under their own steam then call Tallahassee Towing Partners and find out about our flat bed delivery service. 

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