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Tallahassee Towing Partners is dedicated to the business of keeping Florida’s capital city moving – even if it’s skidded off the road, broken down, or parked where frankly it shouldn’t.  Whether it’s heavy duty trucking, or a prized motor club classic we’re the company that Tallahassee turns to to get precious vehicles safely moved from one place to another when they can’t do it under their own steam. We take the greatest care of every machine we touch because we know how much they mean to their owners.  We never forget the importance of the family runaround, the business sedan, the van, the truck, and the working vehicles we recover and get safely back to base.  Even when we’re called on to impound abandoned cars or take junkers away from in front of houses we are careful never to add so much as a scratch to an existing situation. We’re your number one local towing service so if you found us because of our reputation or just because you were looking for the ‘nearest tow truck to me’ then congratulations you just found the professional tow service you were looking for to take care of all of your needs. Heavy, medium, or compact we have the equipment and the expertise to recover and transport anything you have that drives on the highway, you’ll never need another tow company number again.  So get in touch with us now and let Tallahassee Towing Partners explain just what we can do for you. 

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