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Tallahassee Towing Partners keeps Florida’s capital on the move.  We provide roadside assistance so that our customers are simply never stuck or not knowing what to do and we do it with the same pride and professionalism if the customer is a family on their holiday or a fleet of commercial vehicles that entire livelihoods depend on.  

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About Us
Tallahassee Towing Partners is a full service towing company that covers every kind of tow truck service, big or small, in the Tallahassee area. We’re a dedicated, professional and long standing team of tow truck experts and whether your need is breakdown recovery or parking enforcement there is simply no better number to call when machines need moving. 

Our Services

​Tallahassee Towing Partners has towed or recovered just about everything that runs on the highway over the years, plus a fair few vehicles that don’t, and plenty that have stopped running altogether.  From flat bed services to winch outs, commercial fleet towing to recreational vehicles, impounding to junk car removal, vehicle transportation to winching, Tallahassee Towing Partners does it all.  The following are just a few of our most called-upon services but if you have any questions about vehicle recovery or towing then give us a call right now. 

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​Tow Service

If you’re looking for a towing company in or near Tallahassee then you just found it. We are the leading towing service in the area of the Florida capital.  No matter how big, how heavy, or how delicate we offer full towing and wrecking so whatever the condition of the car or truck that needs moving we not only know just how to do it without further damage but we have the right equipment for the job.

can fix any tire

Roadside Assistance

We don’t just do towing at Tallahassee Towing Partners, we also offer a wide range of roadside assistance services to keep your family safe if the car grinds to a halt and to keep your business alive if you are depending on any vehicle or fleet of vehicles to keep rolling.  We can fix any tire on any vehicle and we carry whatever type of gas you need to get you back on your way.  We can sort out the minor mechanicals and electricals or simply check why that warning light is illuminating your dash. Whatever it is we can sort it and if we can’t we are a full service tow company so neither you nor your vehicle are going to stay stuck by that roadside. We’ll get you and your machine back to base.

“We’re pretty much a mom and pop enterprise and what we like best about Tallahassee Towing Partners is that the same outfit, and sometimes even the same guys, are as keen to help with   our commercial vehicles as they are if we run out of gas with the family.”-  Susan K.

full wrecker service

Wrecker Service

Not all vehicles can or should be towed. Some are too badly damaged to be towed away, many need the expert assessment of either mechanics or the insurance assessors before they can be declared drive-able, fixable, or simply declarable as a total for insurance money. Tallahassee Towing Partners offers a full wrecker service to safely move any kind of non-driving vehicle and to keep it in secure storage until it can be insurance assessed, or to take it to the shop to be fixed. Call us today to find out how much that can save you in the long run.

​Flat Bed Service

Flat bed treatment tends to be reserved for the very special, one way or another. They might qualify for it because they are too badly damaged to tow normally, or because they are too valuable to treat that way. They could be incapable of moving, or of driving on the highway, or they could be immobilized by malfunctioning security systems. Whatever the reason Towing Company Tallahassee can whisk that machine away on a secure stable platform without its wheels even touching the ground. 

“We have had no end of problems with non patrons parking in our parking lot and then leaving the cars there after a big night.  I’m glad they aren’t drinking and driving but I’d be a whole lat happier if it didn’t mean our lot was full of other people’s cars every Sunday morning. So we called Tallahassee Towing Partners and they took care of the signage and the towing. Problem solved. ” – Paul T.

18 wheelers truck

Tallahassee Towing Partners can take on the biggest of jobs including 18 wheelers and seriously heavy duty machinery. More than just having the horsepower for the job however, we also have the background and the understanding to know that every heavy duty machine represents a job and sometimes an entire business that needs to be back on the road in the shortest time possible.

parking enforcement

​Parking Enforcement

Tallahassee has seen a lot of debate about parking enforcement and tow aways so play it safe and deal with the professionals if you have problems with illegal or inconsiderate parking in your private space, lot, or access areas to your business. Tallahassee Towing Partners works with law enforcement and local authorities to provide safe, legal enforcement, impounding, and repossessions where needed. 

“We count on Tallahassee Towing Partners for all our corporate fleet in and around the Tallahassee area and have done for years.  We know just how much it costs us to have any of our fleet off the road and after a long partnership we feel that Tallahassee Towing Partners understands that as keenly as we do.”  – Joseph L.

Reach Out To Us

Tallahassee Towing Partners are your local towing specialists in Tallahassee, Florida.  Whatever your towing, recovery, or roadside assistance needs we can cover them and with call out prices and contracts you can count on for value.  Call us today to discuss your needs and how our services can put your mind at rest.